We are a Scrap Car Buyer in South Bend – Mishawaka

We tow it away today and pay you cash for the vehicle. We buy any and all scrap vehicles, in any condition. Some cars are heavily damaged and others have suffered from neglect. Thats okay, we will help you get started on your new car fund with a fair price for your old vehicle. We have drivers all over the Michiana roads performing roadside services, towing services and purchasing scrap and junk vehicles. When you’re ready, we can be there quickly with the funds to get you going.

scrap car buyer south bend mishawaka

No Fees for Scrap Vehicle Removal – We Pay You

We will never add any fees for removal of vehicles from your property. We pay for the privelege to haul away your scrap cars, trucks and farm equipment. We will agree on a price over the phone and the driver will pay you that amount upon arrival and removal of the scrap vehicle(s). We look forward to helping you out buy getting rid of your junk vehicles, it’s our livelihood! We are always courteous and professional with our customers because we know aone happy customer leads to more.

We buy scrap cars all over the Michiana area. We have many types of tow vehicles available, including flatbeds. We can haul vehicles out of fields that are sitting on the ground with no tires, or remove it from your driveway. Makes little difference to us because we need junk and scrap cars today!

We Pay the Most for Scrap Cars

Scrap prices fluctuate often, right now they are pretty good! We know that and we want you to know that means we can pay the most money possible to you, the customer. We have lower operating costs than many other services because we do more than just buy scrap cars. We stay busy with towing and roadside services as well as buying junk cars and trucks. That also helps us pay the most for your scrap cars. Give us a call to find out more!

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