Towing bikes of any year, make, or model. Many of our drivers are motorcycle riders themselves and we will take care of your motorcycle as if it was our own. When you need motorcycle towing services, choose us, as we’re the best around.

Motorcycle towing is a delicate process. You need a careful towing service because they are smaller than other vehicles. They require special motorcycle towing services by a professional towing company.

Our towing services uses the utmost care in handling your ride. We offer sport and street bike towing services in emergencies. We use specially designed attachments and equipment during towing services, to protect the bike from any harm or scratches.

Hire an experienced towing company for your motorcycle towing. You should always choose a reputed registered company for motorcycle towing. We specialize in motorcycle towing, so you know that you can rely on us.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to deliver quality services that will exceed our customers’ expectations. It is our duty to provide fast, friendly, and reliable service for people using only the latest in towing technology.

We know our way around the South Bend area so we can respond quickly to your emergency needs.

For motorcycle towing call us anytime of day or night at 574-444-3098.

Breakdown Tips

If your motorcycle is broken down, you need to get yourself out of danger as soon as possible.

If you were unable to pull to the side of the road and out of the lanes of traffic, you may want to call 911 first to assure the safety of you and your motorcycle.

Use your own judgement here, if there are cars speeding around both sides of you, call for help! Be sure to use your hazard lights to alert oncoming vehicles to your presence.

If you successfully pulled to the side of the road and out of traffic, use extreme caution if you plan on working on your bike. Always use the side of the road where traffic is not passing by and better yet, get a tow from us and get home safely.